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Relationship Therapy Mississauga

Process. create change. grow.

Individual Therapy

Explore yourself and improve the way you experience self, relationships and life.

Couple Therapy

Explore your relationships and work towards your preferred ways of experiencing connections.

Family Therapy

Explore family relationships and work towards preferred way of connecting with others.

Clinical Supervision

Explore yourself as a therapist and commit to learning ethical and best practice.

We are a team of recognized psychotherapists and social workers

providing psychotherapy to children, adolescents and adults in the form of individual, couple and family therapy. We are here to support you in maintaining, strengthening and/or changing aspects of your life/relationships.

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Areas of Focus

Self Esteem

Learning to admire yourself as you admire others.


Gaining support on how to manage expereinces of anxiety.


Learn how to indentify and manage symptoms of depression.


Understanding how trauma impacts us individually & relationally while learning new ways to cope with PTSD.

Personal Growth

Learning how to adjust to changes within yourself that aligns with your values & beliefs.


Mental health and relational support for Black, Indigenous, & People of Color.


Providing a safe space to explore sexuality & gender identity.


Supporting individuals in their response to ruptures of trust.


Learning how to cope with the physical, emotional, social, spiritual, & mental responses to loss.


Supporting your relationships in the structure & values that you desire.